AirWalker Bundle

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The PERFECT option for going all out for the ultimate fanatic that has a beloved TV character, super hero or favorite animal! 


- 6 colored latex balloons in any style ( 8 and 12 latex options available as well!)

- 1 x 18" themed balloon ( 'Happy Birthday!', 'Congratulations!', etc.)

- 1 AirWalker balloon ( will range from 4-6ft depending on style) of your chosen character/theme

- 1 colored weight


*Just let me know color preference and theme/character in the comments section of your cart :). Please note that while AirWalker balloons are available in a wide range of characters/styles, there are some exclusions/characters that haven't been made yet. It is best to message us first, or see if the option you are looking for is available by checking here.*