Some Things You Should Know When Ordering Balloons

Please be advised that there are a few things to keep in mind when ordering balloons to ensure you get the best experience with them!


Need to knows for placing your order:

-Please place your order on the site NO LATER than 5 days in advance (full scale events and arrangements like weddings, arches, custom large arrangements, etc. need 2 weeks - 1 month minimum). This ensures that I will be able to get 99% of any special balloons I need for any arrangements.

- If your event is closer than 5 days, don't worry! I can likely still help you! Just send me an inquiry email at Contact Us, or on the Balloon Pop Arrangements Facebook Messenger.

-In some cases, there may be an added fee for last minute orders. This would happen in the case of me having to get a specific balloon from an emergency supplier, which would incur increased costs.


For socially distanced pickup:

I am located in London, Ontario. Riverside and Wharncliffe area. Please text the contact number, or message Balloon Pop Arrangements on the Facebook Messenger app, 10-15minutes before arrival so I can have it ready to bring right out to you - the address will be sent to you with your order confirmation email! :). Please do not come knock on the door. I will bring everything out to you!


For delivery:

-Delivery in London is available for $5. This option is available at the checkout.

-For delivery outside of London, please choose the option that applies to you. You still need to pick the 'delivery' option at checkout. This option is just the additional fee for orders to be delivered outside of London.

-Delivery and setup for larger orders is subject to different delivery, setup and/or rental fees.


***Currently, I cannot offer shipping on any of my products or arrangements, for obvious quality assurance purposes.***


Please be aware that while well made balloon arrangements can be, and are, very durable. There are some key things to keep in mind when ordering them, to give them the longest life they are capable of. Don't let that intimidate you! There are some very simple steps to take to make sure that your balloons last as long as you need them to (and MUCH longer in some cases!), and you can find them below! :)


Helium Balloons

When placing an order that includes helium balloons, here are some things you should be aware of:

- Helium is a non-flammable gas. But it does expand in the heat. If they get too hot, they will pop. If they get too cold, they will sink.

-If they do sink from being too cold, you can place them in an area with a higher temperature, and they will rise up again.

-There are certain balloons that will not float, even with the use of helium. This is often because the weight of the balloon, is too heavy for the amount of helium the balloon can hold.

- All helium balloons that you order that are compatible with the use of a HiFloat float time extender solution, will have it included for the price you pay. HiFloat extender can significantly increase the life of your balloons. Latex balloons should last anywhere from 18hrs to a few days. Foil and bubble balloons should last a few days, up to a week or more! This is subjective to the environment they are kept in.

- IF YOU ARE ORDERING HELIUM BALLOONS, it is highly recommended that you order them the day of your event. If you choose to pick up your balloons the day before your event or earlier than that, there is no guarantee that they will last until you need them. If they need to be remade because of this, you will be charged again.

-Please do not let these balloons go so they can float into the air. This can cause an array of problems. Under all circumstances, helium balloons must remain secured so they cannot float away. We reserve the right to deny orders where the balloons will be let into the air.


Air Filled Balloons

Standard air filled balloons do not float. These are often used for balloon columns, arches and custom arrangements.

- While air filled balloons do not contain any helium and don't expand, if kept in extreme hot or cold temperatures, they can deflate. 

- If you are ordering an arrangement to be displayed outside (lawn spike, lawn sign, outdoor arch, etc.), it is best to have them placed out of direct sunlight so not to deflate.


Deposit Fee

A fee charged if your arrangement requires a structure to hold it up. The deposit fee is returned once the structure is received back undamaged. If there are damages, the deposit fee goes towards replacing the structure. All structures used for balloon arrangements are sanitized thoroughly several times between orders.

Rental Fee

A fee charged to rent certain props for certain arrangements. (Ex. mosaic balloon arrangements). This fee is included in the price of your arrangement order for the number of days you require them for. If they are not returned on the discussed date, a daily fee will be charged until they are returned. Props are sanitized thoroughly several times between orders.