Stuffed Balloons

While I love doing any and all balloon arrangements, I specialize in Stuffed Balloon Arrangements!


Stuffed Balloon Arrangements, is exactly what it sounds like!

I take a small, thin balloon. Squeeze all this fancy stuff inside. And pretty it up! 

Okay, I'm definitely making it sound A LOT easier than it is, which is why I have built a business doing it!


Sounds crazy, right? Perhaps!

But, the satisfaction you get from providing your amazing customers with such a unique, customizable product or gift, is a crazy I can certainly live with!


Whether you're looking for a stuffed balloon arrangement for a little one's birthday, a baby shower gift, an engagement present, a way to POP! the question (...literally), bridal party announcements, to send a little 'cheer up!' gift from afar. Any event, or occasion, you can possibly think of, there's a perfect Stuffed Balloon Arrangement for it, and I can help you create it!



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