A Little About Us!


My name is Adrienne!

I am the founder, owner and sole operator of Balloon Pop Arrangements! I am based out of London, Ontario, Canada. I can create any kind of balloon arrangement you can think of, but I specialize in Stuffed Balloons :).

I have two dogs, Kyrie - a Purebred Chow Chow. and Mocha - a half English Bulldog / half Chow Chow. And they are my reason for everything that I do! 


About a year ago now, I decided I wanted to completely change my path in life.

I was sick of long hours, week after week. Knowing my dogs were at home missing me for the majority of every day was slowly getting to me, as we all know we don't have near as long with them as we would like! 


I had spent the entirety of my working life working in, and running various different restaurants. Don't get me wrong! I enjoyed what I did, I love working with people and making food is something I have a huge passion for!


But I was missing a sense of fulfillment...


For about 10 years, I had figured I would grow to own my own restaurant. A breakfast food truck, that would grow into it's own storefront location, had been the center of my focus for a while at that point. But, suddenly the more I looked at the bigger picture, that didn't feel like that was going to be my end goal.


Then, I saw these beautiful balloon arrangements, and something clicked!

I had never tried to create something of that nature in my life, but I was instantly intrigued!


I started small by attempting small balloon garlands, and simple columns. Which, to my surprise, turned out a lot better than I was hoping for!


Then I found Stuffed Balloons, and the rest is pretty much history!


I became overwhelmed with ideas about things I could create with this newfound hobby, and thus, Balloon Pop Arrangements was born! Offering unique, beautiful gift ideas in a POP!


I am so excited to finally be able to share, and offer, my collection of arrangements with you! 

I hope you enjoy them, as much as I enjoyed creating them!


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During my time of running my business, I have had the absolute pleasure of being able to partner and collaborate with some other outstanding Local Vendors!

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I am always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with Local Vendors to offer some even more amazing, unique products!

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